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  • State in which of the following cases property in goods has not passed on to the buyer
    1. X agreed to purchase a car from a dealer at the current rate, but asked him to deliver the same afer 3 days on Deepawali on which he would tender payment also. Y kept the car selected by X separately
    2. A agrees to purchase 10 bales of cotton from B of Mumbai. The goods are sent by Railway to be delivered against payment by A through Bank. A paid the amount and obtained delivery note. But the goods had been destroyed by fire before he paid the amout
    3. D of Delhi writes to C of calcutta to send him a book by post parcel. The parcel is lost in the post
    4. A contract to sell to B all the oils to be produced from groundnut harvested from A's farm. The crops having been harvested and oil made therefrom. A fills the oil in cans supplied by B
    Ans : B

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